Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bathroom redos on a budget

In my last blog post, I showed a photo of the blue kitchen door from a recent project for the daughter of one of my clients. This pink bathroom and this blue bathroom are from that same project, and we wanted to update them on a budget.
Pink bathroom BEFORE:
Pink bathroom AFTER:


 Blue bathroom BEFORE:
Blue Bathroom AFTER:

What we did:

Not all bathroom renovations require a complete gut job. Removing/replacing the wall and floor tile would have been a major expense. Instead, we reglazed the wall tile in a glossy white to make the spaces seem larger and lighter. It neutralized the “pink” and “blue” of the bathrooms.
The walls and ceilings were painted a medium gray, and we added new light fixtures, mirrors, and window treatments. In the pink bathroom, we replaced the old, damaged pedestal sink with a cabinet sink to give more storage and add some contrast to the room with the dark stained finish.
I hung the window treatments close the ceiling to add height to the rooms. The window treatment fabrics have pink/blue in them so that the floor tile color ties back into the room, but in a subtle way.
I used FLOR carpet tiles as bath rugs. These are my new favorite bathroom rugs…you can create any size and shape you want, they have a rubber back so they won’t slip, and they come in great patterns and colors…way more interesting than your standard bath rug.


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